Computer Applications (MCA and BCA)
The department of MCA and BCA are bestowed with an highly experienced team of staff members with excellent proficiency and academic records. The main features include excellent infrastructure, computers with the latest technology and library which includes study material. The department of MCA helps in providing the computer industry with world class talent and also creating the software professionals every year. This department delivers high quality teaching that includes practical training which helps in bringing out some of the most intelligent minds into the world of computers and technology. The department has fully equipped laboratories and has got a department library which consists of student project reports, text books etc. The students have got the access to the department library. There are many opportunities for the students to participate in various technical competitions and also there is an opportunity to take up industry based projects. The placement opportunities in famous organizations are provided by the departments.The staff members of MCA departmentare extraordinary brilliant, perfect and experienced. They have complete knowledge about the latest development in computer applications. They teach with the utmost devotion to the students proficient in computer applications. Emphasis is lead on making them confident and spiritual so that they may achieve success, peace and property in their life after getting placement in same good companies.�
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