Mechanical Engineering
The main objective of the department of Mechanical Engineering is to prepare the students for a successful engineering career by providing them all kinds of knowledge relating to the subjects. We provide training to meet the current needs of the society. All the mechanical labs are full furnished and equipped with all the tools. This department is one of the oldest departments of our college and providing excellent research and learning opportunities to the students easily. The department also conducts various activities like seminars, group discussion and many skill development classes for the students which will be helpful for them during their placements in the campus.
Thorough knowledge of engineering is implemented to the students so that they may become successful engineers. Training given by us prepares them to fulfill the requirements of the best companies. The department deals not only with the general syllabus but also makes the students have research oriented approach. Various activities like seminars and group discussions are organized to develop leadership qualities and confidence among the students which makes way for their better placements.�
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